Friday, August 29, 2014

Tutorial - How to Alter a Dress to Fit
Small alteration for a "too-tight" dress

Tutorial at Apple Green Cottage Blog

"Is there a dress in your closet, too, that doesn't fit anymore, but you like it too much to part with it? It could happen that it stays there forever, just taking up the precious storage space... Which means you might have nothing to lose if you try to alter it. Creatively. Just your way. Interested? I'll show you how it may go".... Read more

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Hexagon Coasters
Quick easy craft for a hostess gift

Tutorial at Carina's Crafts Blog

"We are invited to friends for lunch or dinner so I thought I would make some fabric coasters as a hostess gift. I used my Accuquilt hexagon dies to cut 12 hexies. I then made a paper template slightly smaller then hexies. I used this template to iron the edges neatly. Kept one side in place with a hair clip. And work around the hexagon ironing all edges inward".... Read more

Tutorial - Using Leftover Half Square Triangles
Make the most of your fabric stash by using these basic piecing units

Tutorial at The Woman on the Hill Blog

"How many times have you finished putting a block together and ended up with scraps?  Well, it's not uncommon to cut off 90 degree corners and discard the extra pieces of fabric. Somehow, this didn't feel right, so I decided to start experimenting with corners...  The result is tiny Half-square triangles, or HST, that can be used for another project. For example, in making the flying geese to the left, I ended up with the HST to the right".... Read more

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Girl's Maxi Rainbow Dress
Dress has the all important twirl factor

Tutorial at Threading My Way Blog

"Today I'll show you how I made the rainbow dress and how you can make one, too....It's an understatement to say that Little Miss, her Mum and I are all thrilled with how the rainbow dress turned out".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Stuffed Eggplant

Healthy, tasty, and very nourishing
Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"Thanks to my baby sister I can now save a few minutes and dedicate them to my work. I am now equipped with another super easy, super quick recipe that’s also pretty healthy, not to mention tasty and very nourishing – Quick Stuffed Eggplant. I never pictured myself eating eggplant in any other form than an eggplant salad (recipe I’m hoping to be able to make and post soon) or grilled eggplant. There is nothing fabulous about how this recipe looks and at first that was a turn off for me but I’ve learnt to avoid judging books by the cover and here I am, the newest fan of the quick stuffed eggplant dish".... Read more

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Recycled Newspaper Bowl
Great way to recycle old newspapers for a cost of next to nothing

Tutorial at Purple Hues and Me Blog

"To start, I initially used the insert section of newspaper and folded it into three parts.  The size is really the same as a half of a full news sheet so you can also divide these into three parts.  Cut into three strips. lace a skewer stick at a right angle on the paper, as pictured. Work the tip over the skewer and start rolling the paper with hands pressed down on table. Continue rolling until you get close to the end point.  You might have to lift the roll up to tighten.  It takes practice to perfect your rolls.  Add a bit of glue to the corner and continue rolling to the end".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Cinnamon Simple Syrup
Makes a yummy addition to iced coffee

Tutorial at The Pickled Herring Blog

"Lately, I've been all about cold beverages. It's probably because of the LA heat, but besides my morning cup of hot joe, I can't bring myself to drink hot coffee in the afternoon anymore. What's happening to me?! Fear not. I found a way to work in my daily coffee intake by whipping up some fun iced coffee beverages. Infused simple syrups! This cinnamon one has been my recent fave (I'll have to share the cardamom one later!), and it's positively delightful in a cup of cold brew iced coffee with milk".... Read more

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Photo Pocket Cushion
Use fabric and clear vinyl to create a cushion cover with spaces to add photos

Tutorial at LDP Blog

"Instagram has become something of an integral piece in the lives of many, whether we like it or not. Whether it's photos of our pets, our meals or, in my case, our crafts, somehow, little square-cropped photos with vintage-style filters just get us going. However, yanking these pictures from their digital realm make for a cute, fun style, reminiscent of Polaroid pictures. Rather than simply tacking these to walls and notice boards, I thought of what other fun ways could be created to display these lovely photos, and I came up with my photo pocket pillow"....Read more

Tutorial - How to Makeover a Chain Necklace
Give your chain necklace an updated look with jersey yarn

Tutorial at Curly Made Blog

"I've had this chunky chain necklace for a while now and didn't wear it because it was a bit too short for my taste. The material of the chain is actually plastic instead of metal, which makes it a lot lighter, but still it ended up hanging around in my room without any use, so it was makeover time for the necklace. This is so simple that you are only going to need jersey yarn, pliers and chain or an old necklace".... Read more

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tutorial - Ring from a Recycle PET Soda Bottle
PET is highly recyclable and can be reformed into many items

Tutorial at Purple Hues and Me Blog

"I usually like to post a craft project once a week, but with visiting friends, the holiday, and working on a paper mache creation that's taking too long to dry, I am a bit behind. Thinking of something that's no cost and quick to make, all I had to do was look in my recycle trash bin for a solution.  I've always wanted to make jewelry out of  plastic bottles . . . I think they are cool, chic and a great way to help the environment (if only in a small way) and to re-use some old PET plastic bottles.  PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate   Take a look at the bottom of your soft drink bottle and you will most likely find a logo as shown below and the number 1 there.  PET is also used to make bottles for water, juice, sports drinks, beer, mouthwash, catsup, and salad dressing".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Shadow Box Bank
 Start saving for your next big adventure

Tutorial at A Mom's Take Blog

"I really wanted to make a custom piggy bank for my kids, so when I came across a very adult shadow box bank on Amazon, I knew it was a hidden gem that would be easy to make on my own and I could customize it to make their coin bank however I wanted to match my boys personalities. I started by picking up two different shadow box picture frames. Pay attention when you shop to the thickness the frame, as that will be how far you will router a hole as a coin slot. Once you have picked your frame, you can have fun designing a cute backdrop for your piggy bank".... Read more

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Felted Heart
Felt with wool roving and sharp needles

Tutorial at Felted on Whidbey Blog

"Needle felting is done sometimes with a form, here I have used a small cookie cutter. The form is filled with wool roving and needle felted to desired shape. It takes a little time but can be made three dimensional. Supplies; Wool roving, Heart shaped cookie cutter, Felting mat, Felting needle".... Read more

Tutorial - Clear View Case for Crochet Tools
See hook sizes at a glance with this crochet tool case

Tutorial at The Inspired Wren Blog

"I loved my previous crochet hook case. I loved it because it was crocheted for me by my kid sister. I loved that I could see at a glance the size printed on each hook. I loved that it had a center pocket for other crochet tools (scissors, tape measure, and the like). And I loved that it matched my project basket. But I also hated my previous crochet hook case. The hooks fell out of it so easily that it barely did its job. (Sorry, Kid.) I decided it was time to replace it. I wanted a new case about the same size as the old case; a case that would contain the hooks in a way I could still see the sizes and also have space for the other tools. I solved my problem by sewing my own case out of canvas and clear vinyl, and now you can, too".... Read more

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Jump Ring Necklace
These are quick, easy, and cheap to make

Tutorial at Miss P Blog

"Got a spare 20 minutes? That's all this necklace took to make. Start with about a 70cm length of leather. About 30cm down tie a simple knot. Thread on your jump rings for about 10cm. Then tie another knot to secure the jump rings in the centre of the length of leather. Then tie off both loose ends with a sliding knot and trim the excess".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Jam and Nut Cookies
Or fill with chocolate or vanilla creme

Tutorial at The Seaman Mom Blog

"These cookies are a delicious dessert that can be served any time a year, but it’s particularly delightful at Winter time (yeah, I’m ready for chillier temperatures), with a cup of hot tea, milk or coffee. Are you a big fan of a 5 o’clock tea? Surprise your friends with a special treat! These jam and nut cookies are sure to keep them in awe. If you like a crunchy/soft combination these are the perfect cookies for you".... Read more