Monday, February 8, 2016

Tutorial - Upcycled Collage Valentine Gift Boxes
Templates for lettering included in tutorial

Tutorial at Upcycled Design Lab Blog

"I must start by saying that I apologize for I fear that this post is being slapped together at the last moment.  I had bigger plans for detailing the process of making these little boxes.  I was going to have beautiful pictures and even a short video but there is no video and well some of my photos are not too pretty.  I do hope you can make sense of it anyway.  To start you will need:  4 cracker or cereal boxes,  the 4 templates printed out on white paper (at the bottom of this post),  some torn out book pages,  12 photos (3 inches x 3 inches),  red food coloring".... Read more

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tutorial - Make an "I Love You Because" Jar
Remind those you love about how awesome they are

Tutorial at The Beautydojo Blog

"I have a brand new DIY project for you! You didn’t think that I’d let Valentine’s Day float by without giving you guys a free printable did ya? You guys know how I love my free printables, so here it is, a chic little printable for you! I’m sure you guys have seen numerous pins on Valentine’s Day jars filled with “reasons why I love you”. I remember I made one back in the day for my boyfriend when we first started dating (we’ve only been dating for two years but those days seem so long ago). I decided to recreate this DIY and gave it a fresh minimalist look. I wanted the jar to look super simple, something that would look really nice on your desk or shelf without looking tacky".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make a Heart Shaker Card
Create for upcoming Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions during the year

Tutorial at Crea Bea Cards Blog

"A heart is the ultimate symbol of love. This heart is full of love, just like the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you’re in love. You can make this card for the one you love so much, for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion. This is actually my very first shaker card. I’ve “discovered” shaker cards some time ago on Youtube and thought it would be nice to create one by myself. It reminds me of snow globes which are pretty awesome".... Read more

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tutorial - Make an Adult Coloring Pencil Roll
Choose some favorite fabrics for this project

Tutorial at Nina Makes Blog

"Since adult colouring (coloring) in books are all the rage at the moment I thought I better make a cute little pencil roll tutorial!  What a great way to store your pencils, they can bounce around in your bag without risking all the sharp points and they won’t rattle too!  I have to admit I am quite partial to colouring in but I usually end up colouring in with the kids in one of their colouring in books.  Drawing little doodles is fun too…no matter what you like to draw this is a great way to keep those pencils safe".... Read more

Tutorial - Make Paper Valentine Treat Bags
Sewn with wrapping paper using a free printable

Tutorial at Non Toy Gifts Blog

"I was over the moon with how my heart shaped birdseed feeders turned out last year. It was a non-candy original idea (I wish I could take credit but it was all Pinterest inspiration) that both my boys and their classmates, friends and neighbors loved.  Even though I’m taking the easy way out this year and go with store bought valentines I still want to add a personal handmade touch by creating heart shaped Valentine’s Day treat bags. These DIY paper bags are pretty easy to make but do require basic sewing skills".... Read more

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tutorial - Lace Up Roper Boot Refashion
Time lapse video plus pictures and instructions

Tutorial at Upcycled Design Lab Blog

"Surely I am not too old to explore new corners of this wonderful world.  Yet I am stuck like a barnacle afraid to lose the familiar and comfortable life that I know, attached firmly to the bow of my little boat.   The hubby would jump at the chance to live in some warmer climate.  So I may be scraped free of my floating vessel yet, and forced into some unexpected and delightful voyage. Time will tell I suppose.  But where ever I end up I am pretty sure of two things.  One, I will stay afloat and two, I will continue to make things. I have had this old pair of Roper boots for awhile now and finally got around to doing something with them or more accurately one of them".... Read more

Tutorial - How to Make Primitive Fabric Hearts
Full tutorial on making these pretty hearts

Tutorial at A Crafty Mix Blog

"I’m totally in love with Prim folk art, it’s so sincere and always comes straight from the heart. To celebrate valentines day I made these primitive bed spring hearts to give to all the special people in my life.  They’re really easy to make and you can add your own message to show how much you care".... Read more

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make Bird Suet
Feed the birds in your area with homemade suet

Tutorial at From My Carolina Home Blog

"Winter finally arrived with some really chilly temperatures and snow!  This morning the total is approaching a foot, and it is still coming down. This picture was taken about an hour ago, already 6-8 inches everywhere. The forecast for my area is 12-18!  With the leaves gone, our winter view is able to see the mountain to the east of us. On the bird feeder, our local avian community has been working hard to empty the seed reservoir over the past few days.  I know that extra protein and fat are essential for them in really cold weather.  There are literally hundreds of recipes on the internet for suet, using all kinds of things for fat and protein.  So, I thought I’d try something with what I had on hand".... Read more

Tutorial - Make Valentine's Day Candy Envelope
Fill with your favorite Valentine’s Day candies.

Tutorial at The Beautydojo Blog

"I’ve always loved the transparent, yet matte, look of vellum envelopes. Which is why when I randomly  found these vellum envelopes in the dollar section at Target, I knew that I had to create a Valentine’s Day project with them.  These little candy envelopes are super easy to create and would make the perfect favors to pass out to your friends and family".... Read more

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Popsicle Stick Clock
Tutorial is 9 pages long with lots of photos

Tutorial at Alvenh Blog

"It all started in 2010 with an eBay search for a nice wall clock.  I wanted a clock decorated with animals, preferably wolves or dogs, in color, but with a traditional look.  Almost immediately, I found the perfect clock (well, almost), new in box. The only problem is that these clocks are almost always powered by battery quartz movements and rarely (if ever) mechanical (spring wind, weight driven, or synchronous AC motor).  And I absolutely HATE battery quartz movements. Then, an idea came to me: why not build a clock? Searching around, I came across an E. Ingraham spring wind clock movement dated 1868".... Read more

Tutorial - Make Valentine's Day Take Out Boxes
Little container to hold treats for your loved ones

Tutorial at The Beauty DoJo Blog

"It’s so crazy how fast this month is going by! I feel like Christmas and New Years just happened yesterday (maybe it’s because we still have our Christmas tree up….shhhhh). January will soon come to an end which means that another holiday is fast approaching. Yup, Valentines Day! Today I’ll be showing you guys how to make these simple Valentine’s Day take out boxes".... Read more

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Chain of Hearts Mobile
Hang the mobile and see the hearts dance gently

Tutorial at A Crafty Mix Blog

"Re-Purpose an old lamp shade into a mobile and add some heart felt charm and serenity to your garden....Cover the card stock on both sides with the aluminium tape. I love using self-adhesive aluminium tape, it’s much cheaper than pewter and it sticks like crazy. One roll goes a loooooooong way.  If you have a Cuttlebug you can add some texture and patterns for a little extra oomph".... Read more

Tutorial - Sew an Easy and Cute Dog Pillow
A perfect pillow for a child's room

Tutorial at Sew Toy Blog

"Why have I decided to start a year with sewing  a decorative dog pillow? Well, dear friends, I am so excited! We got a new family member right after Christmas, a puppy! His name is Bobi, and he is a mixed breed dog, partially Labrador, partially Golden retriever and partially … well unknown. He is dark as night and only has a white spot on his chest. He is very smart and he is learning fast. Who would have guessed, that a cat lady since forever would ever own a dog! Therefore, I am starting this year with creating something inspired by this cute little creature living together with us in the house now – a dog pillow for my son’s room".... Read more

Monday, February 1, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make an E-Reader Case
Freebie tutorial plus plattern for a E-Reader-Case

Tutorial at Sew Simple Blog

"The perfect gift for frequent readers ...If you would rather just leave to complete the flap of your case, let the "frills" just go away.   For Flossie you need: the free pattern - please click 100% print and assemble, fabric for indoor and outdoor".... Read more

Tutorial - Make a Quick Fabric Valentine Card
Choose a pretty fabric from your scrap stash

Tutorial at The Art Bug Blog

"Make this Lovely Fabric Heart Card, this DIY is really simple and fun to make!....Fold your fabric and cut a heart with pinking shears, you can choose the size according to the size of card you want to make. If you wish you can cut a template on a scrap paper first".... Read more